Why do we all struggle with Procrastination & Resistance?

Stirrup Your Life

It is the mission of Cadence Inc. to give equestrians the same advantage that other industries have been leveraging for decades. High level coaching and training are integral to the success of millions of corporations and businesses. CEOs, business owners and elite level athletes hire coaches to increase their profits, up level their performances, improve their relationships and increase their sense of happiness and wellbeing. My coaching and training programs are designed to do all of those things for YOU. They are the result of what I’ve learned working with thousands of riders, business owners and athletes for more than 20 years. They are designed to get results. Once you enter the start box of a Cadence Inc. program, you will not be the same person once you cross the finish line.

Jen+JemWhat do you want in your life?

Financial freedom?
More time for what’s most important to you?
To accomplish a big goal?
A streamlined business that works for YOU instead of the other way around?
To tackle a project that’s been eluding you?
To ride as well in competition as you do at home?
Vibrant health and energy?
To start a business or make a career change?
Peace of mind?
A low stress life?

These are all results my clients rave about. Are you ready???


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Have More Time, More Money & More Fun With Your Horse Business!

Take it to the next level… This is a group coaching program for horse industry pros who want to make their businesses efficient, profitable & personally and professionally rewarding. Read more…


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Why do we all struggle with Procrastination & Resistance?

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